Edita Vitija

Team Profile

Edita plays a pivotal role in providing accounting services to a diverse range of clients, encompassing private companies, foundations, trusts, and corporate structures. Her responsibilities include financial statement preparation, meticulous bookkeeping, and ensuring accurate financial records in strict adherence to accounting principles and regulations.

Currently on the path to becoming a chartered certified accountant, Edita is actively pursuing ACCA certification. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Bank Finance and Accounting, she combines academic knowledge with hands-on experience. Edita’s passion for solving mathematical problems positions her as a proficient analyst, adept at addressing complex accounting challenges.

In her role, Edita:

  • Prepares comprehensive financial statements.
  • Manages precise bookkeeping to ensure financial accuracy.
  • Upholds compliance with accounting principles and regulations.

Fluent in both English and Albanian, Edita’s dedication to excellence and analytical prowess make her a valuable asset to the accounting team. She also dedicates her free time to studying French and spending quality time with her friends and family.